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Volume 2 2018 BREAKAWAY : Combating Violence against Women and Girls through Soccer Video Game and Youth Camps

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작성자 Hua Wang, Ji Hye Choi, Yishin Wu, Ann DeMarle 작성일 19-05-30 13:39
Violence against Women/Girls   Social Impact Games   Evaluation   BREAKAWAY  


Violence against women/girls (VAWG) causes severe harm to victims and societies. Early interventions among youth are crucial. BREAKAWAY is an online, narrative-based, role-playing soccer game purposefully designed to educate youth worldwide about VAWG. It is the first to adapt the Sabido methodology of entertainment-education in games for social change. In 2013, BREAKAWAY youth camps were held in El Salvador, a Central American country among the highest per capita rates of femicide in the world. Event-based time diary, participatory sketching, gamification strategies, and Facebook Insights were used for assessment. We found it effective to use role modeling and narrative engagement of the Sabido methodology in game design. Overall, the game and camp experience had a profound impact on the participants. They gained knowledge and skills about VAWG. They also reported positive attitude and initiation of behavior change toward gender equality. They demonstrated that experiential gameplay coupled with facilitated group discussions could be helpful in addressing complex social issues. Our quantitative analysis suggested potential empowerment for girls and openness to change for boys. The BREAKAWAY Facebook page also had a surge of traffic and user interactions during and after the camps.