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Volume 2 2018 Risk Perception, Smoking Cessation Motivations and Behavior in Seeking and Using Health Information

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작성자 Sun Young Lee 작성일 19-05-30 13:35
Smoking   Motives   Risk Communication   Health Communication   Health Behavior


To understand what motivates smokers to seek out smoking cessation information, this study expands upon previous research on information processing and seeking by utilizing the self-determination theory. To examine the relationships proposed, a web-based survey was conducted. The results show that risk perception increased autonomous motivation as well as controlled motivation. Autonomous motivation increased systematic processing, while controlled motivation increased heuristic processing. Both autonomous and controlled motivations increased information seeking. Finally, while systematic processing and information seeking about smoking cessation were positively related, heuristic processing had no significant relationship with acquisition of information concerning smoking cessation. Implications for future research are discussed.