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Volume 1 2017 Inrofmation-Oriented Antecedents and Cognitive Consequences of Perceived University Support (PUS) among International Students

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작성자 H. Erin Lee, Jaehee Cho 작성일 19-05-30 13:19
Perceived University Support (PUS)   Information Reception   University Identification   Bonding & Bridging Social Capital  


This study investigated the antecedents and consequences of perceived university support (PUS) for international students in the US. This study focused on international students’ reception of university-provided information as the main predictor of PUS. This study examined the positive roles of PUS in increasing international students’ identification with their host university and strengthening the two types of social capital, bonding and bridging social capital. Statistical results fully supported all of the proposed hypotheses. More specifically, international students’ reception of four different categories of information positively affected PUS. University identification positively mediated the relationships between PUS and social capital.