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Volume 1 2017 Determinants of the Public’s Perceptions of Telemedicine in Korea: Investigation of the Roles of the Benefits and Costs of Telemed

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작성자 Jaehee Cho, Jiyeon Chung, Chaehwa Chung 작성일 19-05-30 13:03
Telemedicine   Convenient Visits to Hospitals   Medical Shopping   Technology Acceptance Model (TAM)  


This study aimed at exploring the influential factors determining the general population’s attitudes toward telemedicine in Korea. This study investigated the effects of multiple predictors related to the benefits and risks of telemedicine on the perceived usefulness (PU) of and perceived ease of using (PEOU) telemedicine. Furthermore, this study explored how three Korea-oriented contextual factors—convenient visits to hospitals, preference for general hospitals, and medical shopping—influenced the general population’s perceptions about telemedicine. Through online survey, 998 usable surveys could be collected. A path analysis was conducted to test multiple hypotheses about relationships among main study variables. Results from the path analysis fully supported the significant roles of the benefit and risk related predictors in determining the PU and PEOU of telemedicine. However, unlike the original prediction, only convenient visits to hospitals as a contextual factor significantly affected the PU and PEOU of telemedicine. This study’s main findings contribute to widening our knowledge about people’s attitudes toward the nationwide implementation of telemedicine in Korea.